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Larry Keiffer                   Owner/Operator
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Keiffer Violin Shop is happy to serve the counties of Southern Maryland and beyond for all of your string instrument repair needs.  We have been in business since 2002 and have grown steadily since that time. 

Why Keiffer Violin Shop ?

Keiffer Violin Shop has been serving the community for over 13 years with a full range of repairs and restoration on instruments and bows.  Whether a setup or full resoration, we ensure that each instrument is set up in accordance with MENC standards, as well as my own exacting standards.   My shop standards are based on both my training in string instrument repair and my experience as a teacher.  As a teacher, I am very concerned about "playability" of the instrument.  What may appear as minor errors in setup, such as a nut that is too high, or a bridge that is not cut at the right angle, may actually pose significant problems for students just learning to play.  It can be frustrating trying to play when the action is too stiff, or the fingers will not clear adjacent strings.  I also believe that even a 
student instrument should sound good!  I make sure that each instrument is adjusted to optimize it's potential for projection and clarity of tone.

Whatever your string instrument needs, I hope you will give me a call, or send me an email to let me know how I can serve you.


MENC Standards